FPS_Sage: Steve, how many women have you slept with?

SB: A better question would be, "Steve, why are you so fucking cool? Why do women throw themselves at you?"

Oh, and that's not a zero. It's what their vaginas look like after they've been Ballmerized. Just ask Roz Ho.

talk show ghost: steve why does the classic theme look like dog dick in win7

SB: YOU LOOK LIKE DOG DICK. It's beautiful.

tkinnun0: Steve, I just got done patching an image handling vulnerability, and now my uptime is ruined. Again. I'm going to sue. And my question is, how much money you got?

SB: I don't know who "Steve" is, but he sounds like a cool guy. You probably shouldn't sue him if you don't want your balls to end up in a woodchipper.

lazor wolf: Steve, what do you think of Google Chrome?

SB: Eric: listen to me. Closely. You stop calling me, I'll stop drunkdialing you. Okay?


Steve Jobs was lucky, I only took his liver. And his marketshare.

They grow back. Kinda.

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