"Premenstrual Princess" goes too far and mocks my favorite childhood toy.

"KittyLitter" is a friend to no potato, no matter what he tells you.

"King Metal" shows us some asymmetrical robot on god boxing. Ho-ly shit!

This is an old "NoneMoreNegative" classic that hasn't been posted yet. He even made this wicked website to back it up!

And let's just go ahead and give "Xealot" the trophy and the victory.

And that's that! Thanks to the Something Awful Forum Goons for donating their time and talent to bring us another week of comedy. Also no thanks to goon AlmightyPants for both bothering me while I worked and also for helping write some of the always-loved comments. Yes, it now apparently takes two men to write annoying comments. On a more positive note, there is another page and it's full of really horrible images and my bitter ranting. Proceed only if you dare, or if you're bored.

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