Embarrassment to Humanity

We've had some laughs, now its time to suffer. I usually end each Phriday with a stupid joke telling all of you that next week we'll be doing something like "Photoshopping extra stars into the US Flag" or "Photoshopping subversive messages into pictures of celebrity pets." Well, one week I hijacked a particularly directionless thread with an idea even worse theme than those: Robocop's Water Park Adventure. Much to my amazement, it kind of actually took off. I was both ashamed and highly amused by the results. Now normally I would never post something like this, but for some reason a lot of people suggested otherwise, probably to show that we're only human and we make mistakes. Please forgive us and include us in your prayers. We're very, very, very, very sorry. This was all a bad joke that got out of hand.

"Digital Arse" gives us Robocop's POV as he goes after his target:

"scrutinizer" knows that even Robocop fears getting a tan:

Troubled teenager "Shadowkaster" helps Robocop stay afloat:

"DrSpookles" has Robocop clearly enjoying a wild ride:

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