Oh no! "woodch" is going to get murdered by Robert Blake now!

My mortal enemy "Fragmaster" stopped being lazy, but only long enough to insult Lowtax:

This tender "SybaseGC" card is perfect for children with those crazy senile dads we all know and love:

"protagonist" actually has a non-offensive card perfect for the dad who goes that extra mile to protect his family:

And that's that. Thanks as always to the durable Something Awful Forum Goons for their hard work. Oh, and happy Father's Day! Get your dad something that's the complete opposite of all this crap and you should be A-OK. Join us next week when we Photoshop pictures of pies into outer space scenes for the benefit of all mankind. It's going to be one giant leap for pastry!

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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