I believe "bluegodjanus" is crazy which cancels out his belief of being uncrazy.

Go outside, Conrad.

I'm engaged in an epic astral plane giraffe battle as I type this.

My soulbond wants to know why there's a poop under "kuwaizair's" avatar.

If this isn't the most outrageous and preposterous post I don't know what is!

That's all for this week. Thanks to my forum friends Blaber66, paraone, The Admiral, deadfrog, Hardcore Sax, Repressing Whores, Foaming Chicken, Occupy Japan, EnsGDT, rigamarock, Shin Destructo, Ethane, Gazpacho, black candy, KamkiazeBen, sighrax, meat linux, Refugee, and Laser Soup.

Know a forum that belongs in a future Weekend Web? Please send it in!

– Johnny "Doc Evil" Titanium (@fart)

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