Did you know this is Weekend Web #100? It's true, someone just told me! We tried to come up with some ways to celebrate all of the former forums but decided against it, seeing as how it would be comparable to a tailgate party at the Special Olympics.

PSP Forums

You think that dork sitting in Jack in the Box watching episodes of Battlestar Galactica on his PSP is a bright young fellow? Think again!

Did you know we didn't actually land on the moon? And a bunch of Jewish people didn't go to work on September 11?? And the only reason technology is advancing so rapidly is because we have a UFO at Area 51 and we're figuring out how it works?!!! And sometimes on cooking shows they say it smells good, but it actually smells bad?!?!???? I SAW THE .SWF FILE ABOUT IT

No problem, "granolaman," it was my pleasure.

"xizor" knows that during the bus ride home he's wasting precious dignity-losin' time.

If someone can tell me where to get hot 0day scene rips of Match Game 74 I'd really appreciate it.

It's always a sitcom at "Psp-inator's" place, and he often plays the role of Corky.

Please Hanzo, don't hurt 'em!

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