"So what are you up to, Joe?" "Oh nothin', just hangin' out!"

I want a talon but only because I want to reenact that scene from Jurassic Park where Sam Neil scares the fat kid.

You can stop the pain by not sticking metal shit into your body parts.

Maybe that's too extreme even for these guys.

Ladies, please don't cut off your pretty lady feet for this idiot.

Special thanks goes to HulkaMatt, DannoMack, Unconventional Oven, Bag of Glass, catpunch 2006, Ion Agenda, Sir Tonk, ArxAmulius, Shoefly, Vampt Vo, The_Cack, Audhumla, Half Warmed Fish, Ahndhi, valuedan, Dr. Bluman, Syntax Null, Gazpacho, Carl Von Awesomwitz, Rap Guy, splintax, CandyCain&Abel, Greed and storming vengeance for believing in the power of dreams and wonder. Thank you and God bless.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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