Here are some people who enjoy punching holes in their clits and ripping out their scrotums. Whoopie, it's the BodyMod forums. I guess it's easy to destroy your body when you're such an ugly person, inside and out.

I hope you like cringing in horror.

These people have the same thought process as those who thought the quick travel feature in Oblivion was a bad idea. Just don't use it! What you're basically saying is that you have no self-control that you cannot refrain from using quick travel or your penis. You have to cut it off. Just leave it alone!

BUT A TONGUE STUD ENHANCES THE EXPERIENCE! That's because the chick with the tongue stud is usually 300 pounds.

Here we go. Now we're getting to the fun stuff.



And here's the eviscerated belly-button.

It costs about $1,600 and your entire self-worth.

But you'll lose your ability to comfortably sprinkle salt!

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