Google Answers

Google's question and answer system is a lot like Yahoo's, except the asking folks put real money behind it. This means you get a lot less casually stupid people, and more seriously dedicated weirdos.

That's not a $2 answer, Cynthia.

"Here's $10, someone please help come off as the biggest nerd possible!!"

"devilish999-ga" is a grower, not a shower.

There's a line between "lovably neurotic" and "annoyingly neurotic" and this lady crosses it around the third sentence.

It's one thing to just ask weird questions on the Internet, but when people back them up with real money it's like they really want to know and it feels about twice as awkward for those of us reading it.

Now riddle me this: If you suspect someone is controlling your mind, and you're able to research whether this is even possible or not, doesn't that kind of answer the question? What kind of shitty mind control machine operator would let you get on the Internet and possibly uncover the entire plan? Not that controlling the every move of a 44-year-old insurance agent from Indiana was that great of a plan to begin with, but you get the idea.

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