Zack: Steamboats, submarines, and card sharks; the title of my biography.

Steve: I wonder when the men's rights people are going to evolve from fedoras to wearing top hats again.

Zack: There was that brief period in the 1990s where all sorts of idiots were wearing huge top hats. I remember Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee specifically wearing like leopard print top hats.

Steve: I'm not talking about crazy top hats, I mean cheap, dirty top hats like their cheap, dirty fedoras.

Zack: It sounds to me like you aren't supportive of MRAs.

Steve: I'm down with a hot babe on a barbarian's arm, but that doesn't mean the babe has to be a slave, do you know what I mean?

Zack: Yes, you mean you're a gender traitor who accepts the misandrist character of Homer Simpson.

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