Steve: Now that's about as Deadlandsy as it gets.

Zack: *looks at giant bat swarm and then down at pocket watch* Ehhhhhh better call ahead to Yuma and let them know it's going to be 3:30 at the earliest.

Steve: Red Dead Redemption needed more missions where you had to fight off giant bats from your train.

Zack: No way, what it clearly needed more of was missions where you hang around with that super fun kid. That was so fun.

Steve: I wonder if any kids were neglected by people who were spending too much time hanging around with the kid in Red Dead Redemption.

Zack: "Your honor, my client did not intentionally neglect her babies. Rockstar's game forced her to take on the role of a tough gunfighter who has to spend hours herding cattle like Clint Eastwood always did in all his most exciting movies."

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