Steve: A Tool video approaches.

Zack: You can get a lot of mileage out of classic monsters and gory monsters, but nothing is as scary as a monster that doesn't make visual sense.

Steve: I guess it would be scary to get strangled by this thing. Right as you're blacking out that big stomach mouth would open up and start gumming your arm.

Zack: The best way to describe this monster is that it looks like all of the birth defects a baby can get from thalidomide, minus the baby.

Zack: "You enter the room full of drawers and the S&M vinyl man crawls backwards across the ceiling to the metronome of a ticking clock. A sexless collection of genetic disorders approaches you from the darkness. It appears to want to strangle your neck."

Steve: Seems like I've been here before! Seems so familiar! Seems like I'm slipping...into a dream within a dreaaaam!

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