Zack: I love the graphic design and layout decisions they made at Palladium when they were putting this book together. This was literally everything on one of the pages of the book.

Steve: Oh, come on. They don't have the money of Wizards or White Wolf or something.

Zack: Steve, this is just shoved into the middle of a four page character class description. You've got some rock-skinned woman with a big metal shower drain on her back and then it says she has a 150 mile maximum range and can run indefinitely if you install a nuclear reactor.

Steve: Yeah, but you can see a little bit of her butt.

Zack: Why is everything else in that part of the picture dark? Does her ass light up like a lightning bug?

Steve: Anything is possible in the world of Rifts. It's a multiverse. Multiple universes. That a lot of possibility. Unlimited, actually. Anything can happen.

Zack: Maybe in one of those universes they can hire someone who knows how to use Adobe InDesign.

Steve: Probably not, but I bet Kevin Siembieda can learn how to do a very mediocre job with it.

Zack: Thanks to Rifts the mediocrity is limitless.

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