Zack: "Me against four squishies with vibro knives: I like these odds." - Todd Kickass, Ultra-Juicer, Head Dude in Chief of the Wicked Juicer Batallion.

Steve: This is the Juicer Declaration of Independence.

Zack: Someday Nic Cage is going to find a map hidden on the back of it that reveals the location of Julian's Motocross armor and other priceless Juicer artifacts.

Steve: Mohawk combs, laser guns with weird clips that go in sideways and on the back, and some sort of cool robot suit that shoots missiles out of nine different spots.

Zack: "Mess with us at your peril." - Benjamin Franklin, Juice Pappy of the 69th Juicelords Juice Loosers.

Steve: I'm sorry ma'am, but your son is a mega-juicer.

Zack: He's juicing whole watermelons and potatoes.

Steve: He doesn't believe in the skull laws or the skull flag that you and I hold dear.
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