Zack: It goes on to describe Hyperion Juicers spreading butter on pizzas and eating fried lard. Pretty standard fare for a Rifts player based on the 5XL shirts in the Palladium store.

Steve: I wish I had MIV I would eat nothing but pancakes and milkshakes!

Zack: I would buy a turkey deep-frying pot and cook a whole cake in it.

Steve: You ever seen that giant hamburger that weighs like 30 pounds? I would make that, but instead of buns it would be between two deep dish pizzas and instead of cheese it would have rocky road ice cream on it.

Zack: "I sure could go for another donut burrito!" - Julian Sweatpants, First of the Mega Gulpers.

Steve: What happens when MIV progresses to ATES? Do you die because you can't keep up with snacking?

Zack: That's what the Coalition wants you to believ. There is no proven link.

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