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Reppin': Mr. Onslaught

Come along and ride on a Fantastic Contraption - It's like the Even More Incredible Machine, except worse.

Dreamcast Megathread: The neglected genius child of Sega - When the Dreamcast 2 launches on September 9th, 2099, everyone will look back on this thread fondly.

Things you achieved once and NEVER AGAIN!! - I beat Ghosts n' Goblins once, just kidding nobody ever has.

The armies of the Dark will taste our real-time-tactical wrath in Myth:TFL! - A medieval RTS game is the star of this week's "Let's Play" thread.

deus ex recut -

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Reppin': Elbonio

Tell me about open relationships.. It is entirely possible to be in a meaningful relationship with someone whilst watching them screw around with other people. It is made possible because we live in a free-love utopian society where there's no hurt feelings, the streets are made of candy and we run our cars on the power of love alone. I may or may not be being sarcastic.

Tell me about curing Premature Ejaculation. Enzo just can't wait to find a girl and plaster her womb with his sticky seed. So eager is he to please that he'll get the job done in a heartbeat. He's so confident in his abilities that he promises results in 5 seconds or less or you get your money back!

Tell me about lockpicking as a hobby. McRib Sandwich wants to learn how to pick a lock and can't be bothered deciphering those ASCII diagrams in the Jolly Roger Cookbook. What's his motive? Why, the sport of it of course!

Let's post pictures of our recent targets. Ah we welcome the revolving door forum that is the PUA forum - and laugh out loud at all OP's getting banned for posting in there. This thread is particularly creepy so I'm sure YOU will love it, you sly dog.

Math/Science/Nerd lines. Geeky pick-up lines. "Hey baby, If you shit in YOUR thread, I'll vote you a 3 at least".

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