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Obamarama Megathread XXXVII - Thirty-Seven?!? VP Edition. and the obama thread ordered joe biden a pizza - at the height of the horribly tedious VEEPSTAKES some dude ordered joe biden a pizza and it got featured on countdown with keith olbermann. too bad the pizza had anthrax baked into the crust. rip joe biden

CNN confirms that it's BIDEN bitches - in a shocking surprise twist obama chose the guy everyone thought it would be. BIDEN FUN FACT: joe named his son "beau" using the ned flanders school of kid-naming

DNC08 superthread! - apparently there was some big convention last week that didn't involve dragons or sexy anime ladies or batman fighting the hulk??? anyway here's a billion pages of people talking about what they are watching on tv, if you're into that kind of thing

Wrap it up, Obamailures, its Sarah Palin - remember when you were a kid and your pet dog died so your parents got you a new dog and tried to claim it was the old dog even though it was a different color and also a bear? that is john mccain's maverick strategy for winning over hillary clinton supporters. PALIN FUN FACT: palin's mother-in-law is harriet miers

Sexy rumor: Palin faked pregnancy to cover for fornicating whore daughter - here's a thread about some dumb rumor that's rockin' the blogosphere about how sarah palin's teenage daughter is carrying john edwards' love child or some shit. the movie version will be called "JUNEAU" and feature a soundtrack by kimya dawson

ITT Sarah Palin becomes President of the United States - THIS IS YOUR FUTURE, AMERICA.

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Reppin': BiohazrD - he doesn't need to blur it, it's a private IP

Your "must have" software required for everyday computer maintenance or use - SH/SC reccomends Nortan Anti-Viris

XBMC - Linux, Windows, Mac and Xbox I guess - Finally a media center for Linux/OSX/Windows that doesn't look like it was designed by a 14 year old who just pirated Flash for the first time.

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