RoyofCA posted:

Haaji fucking hit our sattelite dish with a fucking mortar, so I am using the generic "work" internet. Which, by the way, blocks something awful, so I need to bribe a commo guy tonight to unban that so i can post in my ask/tell to tell people im not fucking dead.

No word on when the fuck we will get a new once since we all chipped in a shitload of money for it and the monthly fee. I highly doubt we are gonna get a new one and I'm looking for a good, cheap, single user sat dish/internet hookup.

This is why I take pride in killing scores of these fucking people. Fucking haaji pieces of shit, FUCK!
Some Random Goon posted:
I appreciate the difficulty of enforcing racism etc. rules on a comedy website and understand how a system like this might make it easier for admins, but I think this is a horrible idea both for practical reasons already discussed and because you are looking at racism in the wrong way entirely. Racism should not be bannable because it offends posters of the group being targetted, but because the belief itself is unacceptable anywhere which expects reasonable discussion.

Going to such great (ridiculous, really) lengths in order to verify that someone is black or gay or whatever in order to reduce the likelihood of someone taking offense is counterproductive to a real addression of race issues, and also raises hundreds of other things which people will also want to be protected from. Re: the fat virgins for example - can a fat virgin insult someone else by calling them a fat virgin? If someone is FAT and BI can they use faggot or is it a gay-only term? You cannot protect posters from being offended on a forum like this, and setting up a system designed specifically to stop people from being offended is only going to lead to more people complaining that their personal lifestyle, pet ideologies, or religious beliefs fall outside the system. I mean apparently people on SA report posters for "disrespecting the US military"; in deference to them, are you going to require military members to designate their status in their profile and then only allow them to criticize the military? Because if you don't, god knows people are going to bitch. And honestly, they'd sort of have a point.
Trellio posted:
Playing devil's advocate here, but this happened in France, right? Correct me if I'm wrong, because I have literally nothing to back this up with, but I thought France was majorly, even overwhelmingly white. I'm not saying it'd be something that'd fly in the (real) Red, White and Blue, but I don't see what's so horrible about basing an ad campaign about what's statistically normal for the country, even if their wording was a little blunt.
GuidoApopolis posted:
Here's what I don't understand about all the hippies crying over Palestine: So, Palestine was allied to the Axis Powers(which is why they lost their fight for the losing side and you lose some shit), right? And hippies hate Nazis for killing Jews,right? But now they love Palestine for...killing Jews. How does that work? Shouldn't hippies love the Israelis?
Lego_Robot posted:
The decision to portray them in that way wasn't arbitrary. All humans are primates, and thanks to the similar skin tone shared by Congo natives and gorillas, they did look more or less likes apes to English explorers.
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