Trillaphon: This movie is the inevitable product of finding an abandoned car dealership which exclusively sold station wagons featuring luxurious plastic explosive paneling.

Hydrogen: Well, I learned my new fact of the day: every time a car flies off of a stunt ramp, it sounds exactly like the Space Shuttle blasting off.

Trillaphon: Mine was that RV campers, while appearing innocent enough, are actually more explosive than giant tanker trucks labeled "GAS", and accidentally crashing into one generates a blast big enough to level 15 city blocks.

Trillaphon: On a related note, it's a lot easier to cause station wagons and massive Buick sedans to go sailing into the air and do sick slow-motion flips from minor low-speed collisions than I ever realized.

Hydrogen: Also easier than expected: rolling an exploding school bus off the highway with no seatbelts and then walking away with a few scratches and a thirst for vengeance.

Trillaphon: Learning is fun!

Hydrogen: I've been pushing for a more heavily explosion-based curriculum in our elementary schools for years now, but nobody would ever listen to me...until now.

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