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Age: 8
Husky Mix
Shaggy Butte
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Posted by BarkStar 19 days ago

This is so weird. I've never heard of Leashbreaker before. He must be new to town, which is odd because he showed up not long after Barkansas left, and they look almost exactly the same. Both of them have the same annoying obsession with tearing up my Tibetan yard decorations. I know he's a dog, but that's practically a hate crime if you ask me.

Posted by HeartShapedPawPrints 17 days ago

No bones about it, he's the splitting image of Starport, that awful dog that used to eat my pumpkins. I knew he was coming last October and put out whole pumpkins so he would eat those and leave my jack-o-lanterns alone. Instead, he left the good pumpkins alone and went straight for our carved pumpkins. My children were distraught, and Jessica had to be sent away for a while.

I don't know this "Leashbreaker," but if he wants my approval he better think about adopting a fresh look.

Posted by WolfPound 16 days ago

This little sh** looks exactly like Superego, the dog that came into my yard and left a huge disgusting mess inside my Orgone accumulator. He's got an uphill battle to climb in this town unless he switches up his looks. Put on a bandana or something SO WE KNOW YOU'RE A DIFFERENT DOG. How could his owners be so clueless?

Posted by Harold 15 days ago

I had my grandson google up cloning for me and he says it's not possible that this dog is a clone of Muscles, the horrible dog that defiled my Christmas decorations last year. I remember Muscles was friends with Murder Ballad and Monsanto, two mean dogs from Meathook's pack. Definitely a bad egg.

I guess it's a coincidence Leashbreaker and Muscles look the same. Hopefully Leashbreaker has more respect for the birthday of our lord.

Posted by PoodleFur 15 days ago

He looks identical to Holy Roller, the dog that ruined my Halloween decorations. It's uncanny. I know they have different names and are therefore different dogs, but based on appearance, I have to go with my gut and vote this dog a one. May god forgive me.

Posted by WarmBiscuit 14 days ago

Amazing! I was just thinking how much Leashbreaker looks like Juke Joint, the dog that attacked our yard sale. There were half a dozen of us hitting him with brooms, trying to chase him away, but he just kept going after our stuff, gnawing and tearing it up as fast as he could. I've never seen a dog with such wanton hatred for private property.

This Leashbreaker may be a different dog, but he's no better. I've personally seen him associating with The Barquis de Sade, and we all know that dog is one huge sicko. He even had a set of ribs removed so he could better pleasure himself.

Posted by BigDog 11 days ago

Some real stupidity up in here. You have to be real dumb not to know that Leashbreaker hasn't been wreaking havoc for years around town. His owners just change his name every few months to rebrand him and give him a clean slate, but it's the same damn dog every time. Oldest trick in the book when you think about it.

Seriously, he used to be Barkansan, Starport, Juke Joint, Holy Roller, Coupon, Superego, Decomposer, Muscles, Papa Jupiter and Cigarillo.

He's your classic anarchist dog, along the lines of Ruff Trade, Circus, Prod, Hearse, Seductress or even Adulterer. Some dogs just want to watch the world burn.

Voting this bad boy a solid 4 for conviction. He's damn good at what he does, and BigDog's got to respect that. Take or leave it.


– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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