For nearly 30 years, The Simpsons has consistently entertained viewers with its sharp satire on everyday life. And, as with all humor, there's a bit of truth packed into every laugh-out-loud joke. But little did those brilliant writers know, some of their writing would end up being eerily prescient. To find out how, click through this slideshow feature designed for maximum reading comfort and not for the sake of showing you eight times the normal amount of ads.

President Trump

In the all-time classic season 11 episode "Bart to the Future," President Lisa Simpson references the one and only Donald "The Donald" Trump as the previous President of the United States! While those Simpsons writers certainly goofed with the impossible premise of a female POTUS, they still hit the nail on the head with this one. Like Trump or hate him, you gotta admit: He's certainly going to be President soon!

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