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Official The WebWhat is this hair poking about you ask him? We tell you it is Semi Automatic Turban with a messages of hope and fun for you and all fans and especially the children dreams which we have so love and make our music for you! If tell him who is the Semi Automatic Turban then we say we are the musicians with voices and sooth rythems that make no instrument say we do not want to be what you are not! We make our music in the ways of the yore and local chums agree the best course of action we have taken. Thanks many for your help.

We receive an electronic letter saying in part this Rich "Lowartax" Kyanka: saying in sum: How does he speak with bravo is mystery to be solved at later date.

I'd like to ask you a large favor. As I might've mentioned to you before, the week of June 17th through June 23rd is going to be "PROJECT: Go Away" week on my site, dedicated to getting as many people as possible to stop visiting Something Awful. The Internet economy is simply nonexistent at this point; there is no way to make money through advertising. Nobody wants to advertise, nobody pays for advertising, and the techniques of shoving ads down viewers' throats are getting more obnoxious by the second. Although I appreciate any and all donations to keep this site alive, I'm afraid there simply hasn't been enough donors to keep the site going. Thanks to clueless advertising morons, the financial model of the Internet is completely destroyed. While SA continues to operate as a "nonprofit" site and lose money, the audience continues to grow. This larger amount of traffic creates larger bandwidth bills, and it is quickly becoming impractical to spend all my free time and money on a site that gives me nothing in return but bills and spam mail. There are simply no ways to get around this; bandwidth is expensive and advertising is dead. The only option left is to alienate enough viewers into leaving the site forever, thereby lowering my bills and the cost of the server. I plan on doing this by producing horrible content, annoying features, and absolutely anything that will get people to stop reading my site.

On a completely unrelated note, would you like to write the daily update for June 21st?

We have no idea who this man is about but we wish him best! So we further detail to discuss our music on another website not our own as well? Quite confuse! We have a way for confuse in our own country follows the: if you do not remember name and location you simply take a drink of the flow water special cure. This will make your eyes see four and when you see a woman who looks as four and acts as one but still is appealing to hips then you thrust about at it despite resistance. This is why we hope we have knife at all times! After the slashing and gill feed we have only one question for the worried locals and that is our home! Most of the time we find that this only is not necessary because we were in own village all along! But such mistakes happen and this is how it keeps music in our hearts and why we do not need instruments to sing about it.

To get idea of our feel and style we say to listen to our music! We say we have two new songs out about and the first you should listen to is here from our web of site the which we just updated so go and frolic please hello we don't want to write twice as much:

Take Me Out To The Ballgame - A contest of the MP3.com say to make improve of old Baseball song despite our "Swing Batter Batter" baseball song already of superior quality. We have an English help by two AMERICAN friends MC Lacorythm and Special K-Dog. We say this is fine and better but not unseat our own champion. Sit in bleachers and under stands you don't!

Drinking Turban Time - Oh impact in skull rattles about because we have a new hit for you! We very proud of accomplish in this song for many years and reason. You will enjoy this song or you end up like rest and fallen in old country rotting about not back from deadly for any purpose. Excel in compeitition and belief, this is how you "rock" in AMERICAN style breakout hit we become successful and sell old wives for fuel since new more thin. This is happy well listen time sure-fire!Well is this finished! Please enjoy and a thanks to those who came before…

Now we have an English very good since beginning but pictures our universal so here is a story for you to read and say that you liked very much in our presents but not to our face witch is not a good idea if you wish to stay on the soil and not below. It's gives charge to any. Our record CD did not sell a millions copies and we do not unknown why.

This is a picture of homeland animals I have been known to associate with. I'd consider you the birthday bandit if I did not know any worse in my ways, so I will not reveal a specific location of either partner. I do not give your address to random people on the walksides and say visit this fat person and eat his extra lard. This is why we do not barge into your house and demand proper tax on our sounds being stolen by hip-hop and beat music but we deserve the right to do this upon the eve of any year we decide or conceed to be a year after a brief discussion with our authority who can be appointed simply by asking where they have what we don't and how we must get it out without opening up a kneecap and inserting a scrawled letter of apology between the gaps. My favorite animal I forgot to photograph but he also has one eye like the cat.

This is designed to give you a look at a homeland family during a happy time which is NOT Drinking Turban Time in the above song. If you listen to other songs you can tell that there is sometimes tension but it all works out if the head does not swell to green. This could be the case in this photograph but many have doubts. I am not one because I am quite smart and my English is beyond compare by any instance or incense. We have filed a paper that tells all of what it is to do exactly but they say our idea can be copied by man? Too late, we have already lost millions. This is why pop-top father pop says no to idea which leads to the conflict and also a jar jammed into the skull where food is supposed to be put around the face and inserted. This is the only time it is "OK" to wear pink.

Music all day and no food makes you dead and dirt nap as said in songs. You must listen to all our songs to get the PROPER. We have some songs so beats that your block will be busted in two and split into warring fractions one on our side and one to the rebel cause. I am not saying you should throw a pipe bomb into the leader or use a bomb of other methods but a suggestion is planted just in case? Do not ask me I did not say anything about a bomb or war or how to make the leader daughter scream in late night! So this food is what we call "lettuce" only the colors are more vivid in homeland. We are not boring like some here who obey too many rules and laws. There must be loose and fun and this is why we make music to reflect this. Take a bite we share and also share bites!

Let's see we all emerge from our head. This is why we are angry with grooves in head but the genie god will grant us wishes? What would you wish for friend? We would wish for peace and more children to have good dreams because bad dreams give us sit on bathroom walls. We would also wish for the woman to shut hole of food march because they distract us and once again too many rules and laws. We would also wish for those who do not FEEL our music and say we invent hip-hop and have a sooth rythem no instrument electron just our voices and say to those that we do not agree to go to a place which is only sand "Dunes of Hazarred" song and crash and burn with little tarnish and not go "Back From The Deadly." As we hoped. Let's talk together genie god and eye to discuss further!

Now that should be a savy implant? It is not a return, but a question. A music must be deep as well as beat world fusion. Also please view our music for AMERICAN sitcom FLASH show on world we say we have a big soundtrack and royalties to pay for new so mainstream and this is what you get.

Some Sort of Completion Connection Airport Joke

What is the deal about an Airport? This is just a joke we have discovered. In truth, any reaction to such is without total recklessness. This is why we want to remind you to give a kind word of courage to a friend or someone who is in the same working as your situation. This can be an easy thing to say because it will make both happy. Say "enjoy I wish you the very best" or "here is hoping best of wish luck or fat god upon you." Adjust for difficulty, I do not have your same friends. But they are all the same friends in my bed!

Now wishing luck on another… where is the downside to this? Be kind and not mean and say things in mocking tone. Now if transaction of good will thoughts goes sour and person you say to says bad in return then we suggest a back blast to clear out both the ribcage but the little bit of god which resolves in person. Remember to make sure hole is through whole back because otherwise they may survive the evening at least. If there is anybody present who doesn't agree a dispatch to local consaltoratory to say that there is no problem should remain any ilk trampers without stomping for petty cash. There is any reason to regard those who do not react to recklessness without both being happy, but you tried your best. The other person was just a sheep fighter. Stewardess, fill re me Coca-Cola!

– Semiautomatic Turban (@sexyfacts4u)

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