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America may be #20 in education, #37 in health care, #46 in literacy and #4 in income inequality but BAH GAWD we are #1 when it comes to videos of fat sacks of garbage plowing through rib-shaped mystery meat patties and 40 oz bottles of malt liquor! USA! USA! USA!

The Quotemine

0:20 - (While arranging his nearly 2000 calories worth of Mickie D's) "I cannot digest raw onions."

2:48 - "Bwuh bwoh. Ah gowt teff meffage."


3:57 - "BURRRP. Nice."

5:23 - "Think I got some sauce in my nose. *wipes nose with napkin, then face with same napkin* Mmm. Woo!"

6:12 - "Thank you, uh, LegacyVXT. Yea-BURUURURRNRRNRNRNURUERPPRPPHPPRPPHPHPP. That's what I was looking for."


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