HiHo ChiRho

> arrest them all using our executive power for ingesting a Schedule II controlled substance made illegal under Title II of the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970


> Walk among the demonic army and provide them beer while offering an endless field of weed if they assist you with entering the fortress.


> Charge. Make sure that the flesh golem is out in front killing demons with pelvic thrusts.



> Act like you know the centaur, ask him about his family, tell him you share his concerns but that you have to work with an obstructionist congress *gesture towards Bob and Wife and Old Man*

Justin Tyme

> Have the skeleton-golem close its wings around the demon like some sort of venus flytrap.

Harley C

>tell the horse man that you're going to take him to an even larger battle, then take him to a GWAR concert


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