origami manatee

> Turn the pool into wine and see if you can still walk on it


>Turn the water of the pool into Malt Liquor


Taser Gator

> Pull out your staff and move towards Bob like you're going to kill him. Then tell Bob to shoot the rabbit. When Satan tries to stop Bob with his beam of light, block it with your staff and use the energy to photosynthetically charge your staff.


Mycroft Holmes

> summon Diamond Joe Biden to destroy Satan

Garp Truther

> Resurrect Beelz with your Jesus-powers and then ask him to switch sides, with the incentive that he gets to kill Satan.


Looks like Atma's already planning future installments; you can cast your vote on his Twitter page (potential settings include "the Old West, Space, or inside of a human butt"), then post your >commands on the SA Forums once his next interactive adventure begins! RIP Oderus Urungus.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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