> grab the old man and impale him on the cockstaff, gods dig sacrificial stuff like that


> Climb to the top of the Summoner and then pee on the old man.


> jerk off the staff, it is the height of comedy



> do something rational or sane to confuse the Old Man

bonus hole boy

> give feces to the old man and order him to carry it for the remainder of his days.


> sigh at the old man
> draw a pentagram out of cum, shit and everyones blood between the five large stones
> summon the deceiver


That DICK!

> call the Deceiver "Mike Seaver," mockingly


> Present the severed heads as an offering to the poop demon



> Stick the heads between the staff so it looks like balls.


Idiot Syncratic

> light old man on fire, suplex old man off of mountain into the bar below


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