Ridgely_Fan: Steve Ballmer, since you're so rich how come you don't buy a shirt that fits? Is it your awkward hip to shoulder ratio that's making it difficult to find a shirt?

SB: I keep getting boners around the office, so I have to tuck my woohoo up into my belly. My dick is this big:

So you can see why it needs to be nice and loose. Like my women. Hehe.

Null Pointer: How many chairs would a chairchuck chuck if a chairchuck could chuck chairs?

SB: Is that you, Eric Schmidt?
Listen to me, you do-goody altruistic piece of fucking human trash: I wasn't drunk last night when I called you. Not that drunk, anyway.

Thug Bonnet: steve, when are u gonna depreciate wpf?

SB: Depreciate? WPF? Uhh...

You have pretty eyes.

Bought Account: how u feel about pizza

SB: What's on it?

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