BOOM! DOCTA WATSON: Why can't you use any retail Windows 7 DVD to install any version of Windows 7 like you could with Vista? It's not like it's significantly more difficult now but it is kind of a hassle.

Answer me Steve!

SB: Install whatever version you want? No, you'll install whatever version I say you're going to install. You get what you pay for, chode.

Coffee Quack: steve is it true that microsoft hardware devs modeled the intellimouse after your shirt sweat pattern?

SB: No, they're modeled after titties. Big ass titties.

hyperborean: Mr Ballmer. What is your vision for the future of Microsoft and the desktop operating system?

SB: Vision? I don't need a fucking vision. The future is now, bitch.

Nevergirls: Mr. Ballmer, what would you look like in a pink shirt and glasses?

SB: A Mac User?

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