Steve: So you can be super beautiful angels or perfect humans or you can be weird hybrid animals.

Zack: Like a scorpion centaur.

Steve: Can't fit into a car, but who needs a car when you can scurry super fast?

Zack: It would be exhausting trying to keep up with everybody else riding in a car.

Steve: You could ride on top of the car.

Zack: Oh, sure, and then you make scorpion diarrhea everywhere and the beautiful angels driving the car have to pull over and hose you off.

Steve: But you love it.

Zack: You're a bird.

Steve: A giant bird. And you can turn into a person.

Zack: Right, but turning into the giant bird would be such a great way to show you're pissed off. It's the ultimate door slam.

Zack: "Brian, you spend too much money on your seed bells!"

Zack: "We are NOT having this fight again, Nancy!"

Zack: "Well we have to because I can't pay the monthly bill on that giant mirror you had me rent because you keep buying more seed bells we don't need!"

Zack: *glares, turns into a giant robin.*

Steve: I am literally a parrot head.

Zack: Wasting away in the war-torn horror of Margaritaville.

Steve: A party of nothing but people with bird heads could be amazing.

Zack: Be wary. That way lies Fur Affinity.

Steve: "I have seen things that you wouldn't believe."

Steve: "Let me show you in movie form on that wall over there."

Zack: "Sorry, no audio, but I can play the ragtime piano while you watch."

Steve: Metal head and camera eyes frankly seem a little lame when you can turn your memories into a movie.

Zack: Yeah, but it's a lame movie. One camera, POV shoot unless you pay extra for camera and helicopter shots.

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