I hope you had a good Thanksgiving and avoided being punched too much on Black Friday. Not to brag, but I got to spend the wee hours of Friday morning listening to the rather large woman ahead of me in line at Circuit City fart and sleep, sometimes both at the same time. It was worth it though, if only for the memories.

Chemtrail Central

Look up in the sky! Those aren't passenger jets leaving visible trails of condensed water vapor. They're government planes spraying SARS and other diseases on you!

Bill Nye is spinning in his grave bed.

"afraidofsunlight" is a master of making people uncomfortable.

Great, it's the lady that doesn't wear makeup and sings songs in front of the post office.

Don't blame me, I voted for the guy nobody liked.

Well if the guy from "FLESH ASSEMBLY" and his cousin "SPIDEY" believe it, it must be true.

Whatever happened to the Fat Boys? They weren't in bed with the CIA.

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