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A recent trend on The Awful Forums has been to post threads like "Ask me about my underground house!" or "Tell me all about ice fishing and catching snakes by accident and then running from the snakes." So much so, in fact, that Old Man Lowtax decided this month to put up a subforum just for those guys. So far most of its threads have been interesting or insightful in one way or another, but as with any group of people, you'll always have a share of those who can't tie their own shoes without some help.

To hell with the continuation of the species, LET'S GET CRUNK YEEEAAAHHHHHH!!!

Did you guys know they're just GIVING SHIRTS AWAY at H&R Block?!?

Way to go, you look like a homosexual bowling alley.

You ever get that thing up to 6 mph and feel that wind in your hair? The kind that makes you want to take the forklift outside the loading entrance and just start driving? Not knowing where you'll end up, and lifting whatever needs to be lifted along the way? That's the life of a real forklifter.


I'll take a guess and say this guy's overweight.

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