DVD Talk

Now for a few short words from some guys that just looooove their enormous collections of DVD pornography.

It's all about bragging rights when it comes to stretching your nuts out.

To go this long "dvd-4-life" must be putting some kind of conscious effort into it, because there's just no way this happens naturally.

Sounds like "UKingdom" never got his copy of the handbook.

If they have an Urkel porno I AM THERE.

This post is just like that time Q transported the entire crew of the Enterprise to Sherwood Forest or some other equally embarrassingly nerd analogy.

Get ready to party like it's 1981 because here comes AIDS! There's your warning, you can't get upset now!

Bareback Exchange

An insane gem of a forum comprised of gay guys that like HIV. They willingly contract it and knowingly pass it on to others, many of whom are not so willing to get it. The dudes on this forum are extremely graphic when they talk about it, too. All you should know is that "POZ" means HIV-positive. It's actually quite nauseating the way they talk about it. In fact, you're probably better off just not reading this at all. Go outside and play some basketball.

Captain Planet wept.

"Dungen Master" failed one too many saving throws.

I bet I could beat this guy at Scrabble.

Why do we even bother fighting in the Middle East when things like this are happening right here at home?

The word AIDS sounds a lot like eggs. I wonder if anyone ever misheard their significant other to say, "Honey, I just tested positive for eggs," because I bet someone could have a good laugh for a minute or two off that, at least until the other person repeated themselves more clearly.

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