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There's no way I'm reading all that shit but I imagine it's probably about a tattoo or a belly ring or whatever the fuck the stupid kids do these days.

My, you are so dark.

I don't want to cross paths with you in a dark ally!

Mary Kate and Ashley are SO goth!

The only reason I'm doing this feature is so I can spew out anti-government propaganda once Lowtax stops reading this section of his website. Once that happens I'll be able to tell you all sorts of shit I've found out about the Kennedy assination that I saw on the History Channel.

If I could choose the way I die I would like to perish in one of those booths where you try to grab the most money you can in the alloted time while it swirls wildy around you. That would be just great.

If you look closely and squint a little she looks a bit like Kimmy Gibler don't you think?

I am using my computer to commit a crime.

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