Steve: "Load space princesses into the torpedo tubes!"

Zack: Nice Rorschach mustache on this guy. I see a couple mermaids pissing. What about you?

Steve: I see a wicked space onslaught launched by the reptilian empire. Just the sort of thing I need to get me pumped up for non-stop alien action.

Zack: The last time I got pumped up for non-stop alien action my squad of Minuteman Patriots took so much meth we ended up on the southern side of the border in a shoot-out with cartel drug runners.

Steve: That didn't happen.

Zack: No, it totally did. I had my balls cut off and I was hung from a bridge in Ciudad Juarez.

Zack: Oh, no, my bad. That was a guy who tweeted once that he didn't like drugs.

Steve: Maybe WE are the real aliens. Think about it. Stop the violence, people!
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