Jeep went way outside the box with alternative fuels on the 2035 Wrangler.

Steve: I don't think that deer really wants to take a bath.

Zack: It wouldn't be so bad if Crab Jeep didn't stare at us with those unblinking headlight eyes while he was molesting wild animals. I feel dirty for watching.

Steve: I always get super mad about animals getting messed with. Like I can watch a video of some dude falling off a house and breaking his back on a trampoline or whatever but you show me one raccoon getting felt up by a space crab's tentacle and it starts to piss me off.

Zack: I know what you mean. I wish I had a pair of techno shades telling me I had a 99.99% chance my finger laser would blast the undercoat off this guy.

Steve: Luckily no balls so I think you're immune to his attacks.
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