Zack: This is from the Mordheim book and I wanted to be sure we included it. Every single page of the section on weapons has an illustration like this crowding the text. It's wild.

Steve: There's a lot going on. I mean, not like that last one, but there's gargoyles barfing blood or something onto skeletons, there are frogs and skulls walking around like crabs and I think one of them has a shrimp in its mouth. Do I have that right?

Zack: Close enough. This illustration is supposed to say "halberds" to you.

Steve: Maybe it's like the misery of violence. Like if you buy a halberd you are just another bad dude filling the world with blood pukes and skull crabs.

Zack: Mr. Freud, sometimes a blood puke is just a blood puke.

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