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Reppin': Mr. Wiggles

ICSA 29 Voting Thread: Battle Coriander
- All are welcome to come in and vote for the tastiest thread. Unless you're one of those genetically disabled people who think cilantro tastes like soap. You go away.

My skillet just tried to kill me.
- Well, at least you weren't catching knives.

Too many tomatoes
- There may be too many TGI Friday's. There may be too many nazis. There may be too many africanized honey bees plotting your downfall at this very second. But there are never, sir, too many tomatoes. There is no such thing.

Good Eats!
- Some people have this weird mancrush going on for Alton Brown. I mean, yes he can entertain, and instruct, and even make a serviceable hollandaise. But is that enough? Is that what it takes to become such a phenom that he could walk into any Trader Joe's in the country and get swarmed by hordes of adoring fans? Discuss such burning questions of cultural importance here.

~*~ Post Your Favorite ~*~
Reppin': reflir

Idiots, morons and ignoramuses - Before the internet I used to think "No one can be that stupid, right?" every so often. Now I just laugh and laugh.

Post the last song you had on repeat - You know these dudes think they're hardcore but the first time I watched Fight Club I listened to Angel of Death Where's My Mind on repeat for three weeks straight.

PYF song to have sex to - Mezzanine, Crystalline Green/Black Cherry/Strict Machine, Your Hand in Mine, Angel of Death.

Post Your Desktops III: Your desktop will never be the same - One of the oldest and most useful threads in PYF. Get your wallpapers here.

PYF Obscenity: Soap in Mouth Edition - On the internet, your mom can't hear you swear

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