These people think they are vampires. Craaaaazy! Goths become vampires when they reach their full potential, sort of how GOku becomes a super saiyajin when his power level is too immense.

And once you charge up a good-sized energy ball, blast Vegeta with it and destroy him once and for all!

You're a furry vampire fuckup. That's all I know.

Well I just thought Neopets was kinda gay. I'm not sure that it corrupts the minds of vampires or whatever the hell you're talking about.

Quality threads are waiting for you if you dare to venture forth into the frightening realm of the vampire nerd!

What if I want to hook up with you and spank your ass while biting into your neck?

Yeah it's quite good. Psst, just between me and you Weekend Web readers, it really fucking sucks, but don't tell him that! Bravo, good job! Ugh.

I wonder what aspect of that image made them want to ask the poster whether or not they do that professionally. From my vantage point it looks like a turd, but then again I'm not wearing my glasses at the moment.

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