I like to imagine the "Ka-ching!!" was someone throwing a cash register at "ExBoyLover's" head.

Woah, yeah, what a weird coincidence.

What. In. The. Fuck?

This can't be happening.

Thank you "Siva" for encapsulating everything truly disgusting about your godforsaken website in one horrible post.

That's it, we're done, this is the end. I've had my fill of tkGL for this lifetime. Now I'm going to go lay down and try to forget everything. Thanks to my forum friends Dusz, Ty Peppar, Princess Lollipop, puffery, Space Chief, Shmorky, Chomper Island, Ozma, Craven Moorehead, Laser Soup, and Sireg.

If you've got a link to a terrible forum that should be part of a future Weekend Web, please send it in!

– Johnny "Doc Evil" Titanium (@fart)

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