A month or so ago, when the "LADIES, call me ..." craze was sweeping the nation, Twitter all-star (the good kind, not the Smash Mouth kind that doesn't eat eggs) AGentleBrees wrote "LADIES--- call me High-Concept Tumblr Blog because you'll love me but be real embarrassed when you see me at Barnes & Nobel in like 8 months." Well, forums poster ruggala has a Tumblr, and it's probably many, many months away from book form, so love it while it lasts! Truthfully, "mythical creature" seems like a pretty fancy description for Photoshops that are basically "take a celebrity, add a thing and add another thing," but whatever, the SA Goons had some fun with this theme!

Clockspider: I humbly request Nic Cage + barn owl + ventriloquist's dummy.



The Corporate: Michael Moore + Slow Loris + the USS Abraham Lincoln


R.S. Gumby

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