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I'm a vampire and I just bit you so you're dead. You're dead, I say!

What's the worst that could happen? Besides having to read many more "ladymoon89" posts, I mean.

I love the craft, I made a decorative picture frame with nothing but glitter and dry macaroni.

All you have to do is tell your friends at school you're a vampire, and blood will appear before long!

I had my covers blown open, but I had to eat a lot of vegetables to do it.

I wonder if Child Protective Services has cars with lights and sirens on the top, or if they at least have those portable ones that plug into the cigarette lighter and stick to the top of the car with magnets, because that's what they should be using right now as they drive over to "D_A's" house.

The only way "deaddude" could possibly get a girl to freak out is if she has an asthma attack after laughing really hard.

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