Afro Doug

i usually trip them and say "haha, enter much?"


hold the door open until they're at the threshold and then let go of the door to slick back your hair, wink and walk away while it hits them in the face


*cut them off so that both your bodies try to go through same time take a step back apologize and repeat*


*awkwardly lie down in their way and push the door open with your feet *


after someone walked through the door yell "we got him" then quickly shut the door behind them

spooky girlfriend

Wear a Greek toga and mournfully tell people this is your punishment from the gods.

I Dunno

*opens door, looks at you blankly, walks away with door still open*


"you didnt look strong enough"


do pull ups on the door frame blocking the door and tell them to cheer u on or u wont let them pass


if they don't say thanks push them back to the other side and say "then do it yourself asshole"

donkey salami

"One at a time"


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