I don't know who the hell you are but are you living?!? I think this is an old man face growing out of a track suit.
About 1/10th of this picture is tolerable, even if that part looks like two fleshy bowling balls fighting each other. The other 9/10ths answer the question "what do you get when you combine unemployment and uncle molestation?"
I saw this gang of puberty-starved cretins out playing dungeons and dragons by the Appleton City park. I walked up to them and shouted "how about I park my boot up your stupid asses" and then I pointed to the Appleton City park sign because they looked too retarded to get my joke, and the joke was that I was ready to go back to prison again for assaulting minors.
What a great face, I think I've parked my car on more attractive things.
Vagina Owl From the Future has showed up to raise the collective cholesterol in the room. She is clothed in the world's most majestic velvet oil slick.