We've Got Style! And Prancing, Flaming Software Engineers!

A group of caring teenagers devote their time to the West Appleton "Save a Homeless Transsexual Goth" organization.

Ravey Davey poses for a pic for all the Kandy Kids across the globe! Hope you don't plan on ever running for public office, jerkbag!

Oh no!

The experiment was a failure!

Everybody run away as fast as possible and never speak of this finger puppet man again.

You should thank Brad Englesberg for delivering our UPS packages in a timely manner. Hey Brad, blood still can stain brown shirts, so hurry the hell up with my package from Teen XXX Paradise.

The psychic X-Ray glasses are hooked up to this bozo's armpit for some reason. Nothing quite like a game of 3D Virtual Nerd Stench!