"ROCK AND ROLL! THE PICTURE BEHIND ME IS SLIGHTLY TILTED! I AM A ROCK AND ROLL REBEL! ROCK AND ROLL FOREVER! I love Stryper." This is some idiot from one of the parties down the street. I'm going to bust all their skulls one day, but not tonight because I'm watching the game on TV.
Another party photo. Mr. Sideburns attempts to touch the Pink cow's boob. Too bad he cannot find it under ALL THAT FAT. Looks like a candidate for Fat Chicks in Party Hats.
Yet another fucking party picture. Bob the Crazy Dog puts on that stupidass makeup so he can justify wanting to sniff other men's asses.
Congress passed a law requiring all ravers to look idiotic. Notice the flaming orange hair the freak on the right has. How very appropriate. I don't know the names of these freaks, and I don't care to.
Space Queen Birdface rules the galaxy with her Photoshop lens flares and hooked nose. I'd say that I would like to break her nose, but it looks like that's already been done. I'd still do it anyway. She smells like shit.