Chucky Barnes tries to flee Appleton City by placing his two carryon bags inside those flesh pouches hanging off his face. I beat that donut-jawed simp with a garden hose I stole from the Shady Acres Retirement Vista shortly before the place burned down under mysterious circumstances. Apparently Chucky's two carryon bags consisted of just a bunch of blood and teeth. I used them to pave my driveway.

"RAWWWWWRRRRRR!!! Quit cramping my style, bitch! RAAAAAWWWRRRR!!!"

Hey, way to go there, drink away your penis you hermaphrodite nightmare.

Licorice Fairy sweeps in and replaces all your licorice with cups of her own drool. Watch out for that shit, it eats through metal like the blood from those alien things in that one movie about the aliens who have to fight Space Marines who are sent down to some planet to kill the aliens. I forgot what the hell that movie was named. I think it was something like "Batman" or some shit. I don't know, I haven't seen a movie since the time I stole the garden hose from the Appleton City 8 Movie Complex and it burned down under mysterious circumstances.


Oh this is nice, a magic cleaning gnome. Go scrub some of the ugly off your face you 200-year old scab.