Chest Gnome's mansteak detector is shooting off the scale!

DJ Puddingtime spins for the over-80 crowd at the East Appleton Shady Acres Retirement Villa.

"We are laughing because the guy in the background is obviously very hilarious!"

They didn't think it was too hilarious when I busted into their kitchen and rammed a bottle of hand moisturizer up his ass.

Daniel Garrins is the chief engineer at Hudson Plastic and Chemicals Inc.. Note the failed lifeform on the right. It was their first attempt at creating a human from slabs of solid bacon grease.

The North Appleton Glamour Shots studio had to rethink the whole "Glamour" part of their name after recording this beast onto film. I think she's been opening too many beer bottles with her teeth.

Granny compares the latest entry in her Hunk of the Month Calendar with the little loser sitting next to her. Maybe one day he'll grow to be big and strong so Granny can shove fistfuls of Social Security checks down his G-string too.