Taking photos of this guy should be illegal. Hell, BEING that guy should be illegal.
I'm speechless. Not because I have nothing to say, but because I'm too busy projectile vomiting all over my drapes.
Haha, she signals "raise the roof" cause otherwise that fat ass ain't gettin' inside! Haha!

PS: Before any of you idiots write in and ask me how I know she's "Raising the roof", I watched Jenny Jones the other day so I know this crap, okay?

The Red Ranger demands pants!

Oh no! Somebody spotted Eric Sanderson logged into www.sexmanpenis.com! And no, I just made that site up, so if you even DARE accuse me of looking at crap like that I'm going to hunt you down and dump you into a kiddie pool full of concrete.

Ugh, I guess we found the person they modeled that mask in "Scream" after. Yikes.