Hey alright thumbs up buddy, you got baseball cards on your neck and wood shavings growing off your face rolls. Who is this guy? I don't know! Also why did my text just get bigger and more black? I don't know that either and if you know then email me because what the hell is going on anyway you know.

In the perfect world, all grandmas would be thrown into granny camp for smelling like mothballs and expired cheese slices. Also these old bats always got rock candy sitting around in glass bowls. Why? Who the hell eats rock candy anyway? One time this grandma was getting frisky with me and I says "you listen here broad, your bony old ass wouldn't stand one minute under ol' Cliffy here so you best steer clear of me and the SS Yablonski I got docking in my pants, you got it? I'm a real man like you never seen before, and all the young chicks fall head over heels for me, so I'm simply out of your league lady" and then I looked over at her and I guess she left or something because the chair was empty. Maybe she was never there at all! I think I saw a movie about that once.

No! Don't do it! You have so much to live for like... uh... well... okay, go for it, Captain Computer Screen.

Another happy participant in Cliff Yablonski's Bobbing for Bleach competition. Look at those damn eyes, I expect a bunch of albino mice to start crawling out of them at any instant.
Male prostitute Bucky "Nips" Synder tries to pick up a potential client. The manwhores in this town ask to be paid in cornmeal.
Oh hello friendly manwoman, that is a nice animal you have there. It was so nice of you to grow a creature from your hair.