Mark Stevens is the head kid in charge of the grocery carts at Krogers. He's playing "touch my groin, win a prize" with some girl he drugged up.
Exciting scientific breakthroughs allow East Appleton to create women made COMPLETELY OF PLASTER!
I didn't like him in my Word program, and I sure as hell don't like him now on my inter-net program. Bye bye idiot.
We found this floating around the Shady Acres Retirement pool last week. I voted to throw it back in, but the pool cleaners said it would clog up the skimmer. They're probably right.
Jack Thompson. He's studying to be an undertaker at the North Appleton Our Lady of the Peaceful Colon cemetery. Here he tries to recall how many YMCA's he's been kicked out of for hanging around the men's shower all day.